Harvesting Hay Can Strip Soil of Vital Nutrients

In optimal growing conditions, a surplus of hay may be harvested, requiring farmers to sell the hay for much less than what it costs to actually produce it.

In particular, the cost of fertilizing soil can be tremendous because so many nutrients are stripped from the soil after the hay is harvested.

From just a single ton of Bermuda grass hay, up to 60 pounds of nitrogen can be removed from the field, and this nitrogen must be replaced before new crops can grow. If not, the soil will become depleted of nutrients, resulting in lower yields and increased weed growth.

If one bale of hay causes 60 pounds of nitrogen to be lost, and on average, the cost of nitrogen is 40 cents per pound, then it costs $24 just in nitrogen fertilizer to replenish the soil.

A typical farm produces thousands of hay bales per harvest. It’s not hard to see that the cost of fertilizer can add up quickly. However, resupplying stripped fields with fertilizer is absolutely imperative for any profit to be made at all.

Liquid fertilizer xVital may be a solution! xVital is composed of concentrated forms of nitrogen, making it easier to ship on a large scale, which could potentially slash fuel costs for farmers while still supplying crops with the nutrients they need.

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Dealing with Fertilizer Nutrients in Hay