xVirity uses patented and proprietary leading- edge technology to synthesize lightning

  • This synthetic approach generates ionized nitrate xVitalTM fertilizer solution.
  • Nitrate in not bound or attached to a salt as in conventional fertilizer

The obvious advantage of xVital fertilizer relative to
conventional fertilizer is its much smaller carbon

  • xVital can be produced on-site
  • without the drilling, pipeline, plant, trucks

xVital also has a sustainability edge over conventional fertilizers.

  • The xVirity process not only sources nitrogen from the atmosphere. • It is possible to source water from the atmosphere, as well.
  • The entire system could be powered by an on-site solar generator

The xVirity system is envisaged as a line of products and services starting with a single reactor, which will branch into a myriad of reactor systems.

Currently, all xVirity systems are designed around a reactor: the xV1, depicted here, has two primary purposes:

  • A “nozzle” that combines water, air, and electricity
  • A “reactor chamber” used to absorb nitrogen into

The xV1 has been developed with immediate market sales in mind and features the following:

  • Full touchscreen interface with customized operating software
  • Designed with industrial safety in mind
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Built-in sensors to monitor operating parameters

The xV1 is designed from the ground up with the end user in mind

  • Features a clean interface and solid, water-resistant construction
  • The xV1 can be configured as a mobile nitrogen fertilizer system
  • The xVirity system produces more than 25 gallons of concentrated nitrate fertilizer (2215ppm of NO3) a day
  • Ideal for smaller- to medium-sized growing facilities