Nitrogen: Essential for Plant Growth

From xVirity’s innovative engineering team comes xVital, a natural nitrate fertilizer. We’ve combined nitrogen with ionized water to give you stronger, healthier crops, a better environment, and hassle-free cultivation.

 Nitrogen is the single most important nutrient for plants to receive. It is a vital component of various elements that allow plants to function, such as chlorophyll–the compound responsible for photosynthesis and a plant’s vibrant, green color– and amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Proteins act as structural units within a plant’s cells, keeping it rigid. Without them, plants wither and die. Proteins also act as enzymes, performing biochemical reactions.

Nitrogen is also a component of ATP, which allows cells to conserve and use energy, and DNA, which allows cells to reproduce. Without nitrogen, plants lose their vibrant color, wilt, and die.

Fertilizer is incredibly important to society (you can read more about this here). Yet, not all fertilizers are created equal. Fertilizers containing one or more of the Big 3s (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) will benefit your crops and plants because these are the essential nutrients plants need. But some of these fertilizers will also hurt them.

While the nitrogen present in nitrate fertilizer is essential, most of the other ingredients are not. In fact, not only are these ingredients unnecessary, but they are also harmful. Chemicals and salts present in fertilizers are harmful to plants and the environment. If you want to grow healthy crops while minimizing your impact on the environment, learn more about our natural nitrate fertilizer.

Everything You Want. Nothing You Don’t.

  • Stronger Plants
  • Better Growth
  • Enhanced Plant Health
  • Optimal pH
  • Reduced Rot, Fungus, and Algae
  • No Runoff
  • No Leftover Salts
  • Healthier Environment

How it Works

xVital easily and safely disperses into water to create a fertilizing solution that complements your current plant care regimen. Unlike conventional fertilizers, we remove salts from the equation for an all-natural solution.

Synthetic fertilizers are created by converting three natural elements–nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium–into soluble salts. This way, they can be dispensed into soil and plants can absorb them. The problem with this, however, is that salts are detrimental to plant and soil health. In fact, the salts found in other fertilizers can stunt root growth, making it difficult for plants to absorb nutrients, and damage microbial soil colonies.

We wanted to remove salts from the equation and provide gardeners and farmers a natural nitrate fertilizer that would not cause damage. Our engineers turned to the Earth for inspiration, designing a patented machine that mimics the Earth’s natural nitrate production process. Thus, our fertilizer is 100% natural.

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