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Become an xVital Reseller

Before you become an xVital reseller, let us explain what we’re all about. xVirity™ is an innovative company using leading-edge technology to enhance agricultural performance and efficiency while supporting the natural resources of the planet. Our goal is to become a leader in the agricultural industry by promoting food production, food security, and sustainable agricultural practices.  (If you’re interested in learning more about our mission, visit our About page.)


xVital™ is our breakthrough product, and it is a game-changer in the fertilizer industry. Our all-natural nitrate fertilizer increases water absorption, seed germination, and plant growth, resulting in easier cultivation and higher yield. One of the things that sets us apart from other fertilizer companies is that our fertilizer produces no harmful environmental effects. Our patented technology is revolutionary, mimicking the Earth’s natural processes rather than relying on salts.


Unlike conventional fertilizers, xVital supports the planet’s needs while supporting your plants’ needs. Synthetic fertilizers use salts, which can affect soil pH and plant health. Our fertilizer, however, contains no salts. And organic fertilizers, which rely on buzz words, are often not ecofriendly. xVital doesn’t need to rely on hoopla because our product speaks for itself.

xVital is effective on fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, and houseplants, and it can be used in both soil and hydroponic nutrient solutions. In addition, it can be used throughout the growing process for further benefits.

Who is the xVital customer?


Anyone from a casual weekend gardener to a commercial agricultural enterprise can benefit from a more successful growing experience using xVital. Our nitrate fertilizer can be used in every way. Use it on:

  • Potted indoor plants
  • Dirt plots in the backyard
  • A container garden on a balcony
  • Acres of crops
  • An orchard
  • Plants in a commercial greenhouse or
  • A hydroponic farm.

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