About xVital

Keep it Simple

xVirity’s patented plasma technology uses an electromagnetic field: Unlike conventional fertilizers, it’s not bound or attached to salt. Which means a better harvest—and a better environment.

Keep it Clean

Conventional nitrogen fertilizers–such as ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate–have high salt content and can cause the medium to become acidic. They leave residual salt levels, in hydroponic nutrient solutions or soil, which can reduce germination; prevent absorption of adequate water by seeds, plants, and tree roots; and weaken growth, even killing the vegetation. But xVital contains virtually no salt. And that gives you better water absorption, seed germination and plant growth.

Keep it Balanced

pH is a major factor in plants’ uptake of essential nutrient ions. Used as a pH downer, xVital can help you adjust the pH of your solution to the optimal range.

Use it When Your Plants Need it Most

  • During nitrate uptake cycle
  • For seed germination and root propagation
  • To replenish plant growth and color due to nitrogen deficiency
  • Foliar injectors, drip, and surface irrigation
  • Root rot treatment and prevention
  • Growth activity in tissue culture laboratory
  • Nursery production


How it Works

xVital easily disperses into water to create a fertilizing solution that complements your current plant care regimen.

Add one (1) part xVital to fifteen (15) parts water to make fertilizing solution.

Depending on your plant’s nitrogen requirements, other xVital-to-water solution ratios may be used, not to exceed a ratio of one (1) part xVital to one (1) part water.

Ratio Calculator

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Sample Applications

Some ways you can use xVital