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Caroline Wilson, Herndon, VA

“Gardening is a hobby of mine, but I never liked using fertilizer or other chemicals on my plants. The thought of contributing to runoff pollution deterred me from using fertilizer for a long time, but then a friend of mine told me about xVital. With xVital, I can feel good about growing gorgeous plants because I’m actually helping the environment.”

Henry Keener, Shepherdstown, WV 

“I’m a big health nut, and I watch what I put into my body. I never really thought about what I fed my plants, though. When you think about it, fertilizer is just plant food. And like us, plants should be fed nutritious food. With xVital, I know I’m giving my garden only essential nutrients, nothing else.”

Meghan Tanner, Bethlehem, PA

“We have a hydroponics system at our house where we grow tomatoes and some herbs, and it used to get overrun by algae. When I started using xVital, the algae disappeared and my plants actually looked healthier. You are a life-saver, xVirity!”

Kylie and Derek Butler, Springfield, Tennessee 

“We have pretty acidic soil in our yard (we honestly don’t know why) and it was making it really difficult to grow a garden. Our plants just would not grow; they were lifeless and died quickly. Then I read one of xVirity’s articles on how xVital can be used to balance the pH of your soil. Our plants are finally growing and now I have a garden I can actually be proud of.”

Noah Johnson, Potomac, Maryland

“I love to compost, and I’ve always felt that my soil was really healthy. My plants have always been fine but lately, my vegetables have been yellowish and a lot smaller. I did some research and came across xVirity. They gave me some insight into why my plants weren’t growing the way they used to. After trying xVital, my vegetable garden is back to being healthy.”




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