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What is xVirity?

xVirity is a company of engineers and scientists who focus on innovative technologies to increase agricultural efficiency and performance. Above all, we strive to provide excellence in service, support, performance, value, and delivery.


We Wanted to Do Something

Currently, one in nine people around the world suffers from hunger. The agriculture industry is suffering around the globe due to a lack of access to fertilizer; traditional and harmful agricultural practices; and fertilizer misuse. With two billion more people to occupy the Earth in 2050, the agriculture industry must shift to sustainable practices.


And xVital can make this shift easier.


With global food production at serious risk, the passionate engineers at xVirity decided to do something. xVital is a sustainable solution to the negative effects that conventional fertilizers have on the planet.


Our team consists not only of engineers and scientists, but also of agriculture experts, researchers, and writers. We offer an ecofriendly product, but we also provide informative and well-researched articles on the environment, the agriculture and fertilizer industries, and gardening. We believe change begins with access to information; therefore, we invest our time in researching and informing our audience on important issues. Readers can find valuable content on our blog and can participate in polls, quizzes, and contests by following us on social media.


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Our Vision

What is xVirity’s vision? To become a significant player in the worldwide agricultural business and be a part of a vast coalition of companies collaborating to promote the sustainability of land, water, and air.


xVirity is driven to use innovation to develop and utilize leading-edge technology to enhance food production worldwide in such a way as to support the natural resources of the planet.

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