Gardener’s Guide to an Eco-Friendly Yard

As cooler weather creeps steadily forward, gardeners are unearthing their summer crops and planting cool-season crops to prepare for the fall. Gardening is a therapeutic and rewarding hobby for people of all ages—and whether you garden to produce food for your family or to showcase a beautifully manicured yard, you probably use a plethora of…

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Nutrient Pollution Affecting Salt Marshes’ Ability to Sequester Carbon

Back in August, when irrepressible fires caused by slash-and-burn deforestation raged through South America’s rainforests, scientists worried that the burning trees would release CO2 back into the atmosphere. Rainforests are carbon sinks, natural environments that sequester and store CO2 from the atmosphere. When trees are burned, however, the stored CO2 is released back into the…

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Could Industrial Hemp Save us from the Effects of Climate Change?

On August 26th, 2019, West Virginia’s Department of Agriculture announced that applications for the state’s Industrial Hemp Program would begin on September 1st, permitting farmers to receive legal certification to grow industrial hemp. But West Virginia isn’t the only state to tap into industrial hemp’s various benefits. In North Carolina, Warren Wilson College has initiated…

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Modernizing South America’s Agricultural Practices is our Only Hope to Combat Climate Change

As fires rage in South America, so too does the fight for sustainable agricultural methods. This year, Brazil has experienced 76,000 fires, nearly double the amount they experienced last year—and, unlike the familiar forest fires on North America’s western coast, it isn’t due to climate change. According to Alberto Setzer, senior scientist at Brazil’s National…

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Biotechnology and GM Crops Future for Global Food Security

A GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is an organism whose genetic makeup has been manipulated by humans using biotechnology to insert genes from another organism.  Using precision breeding, biotechnologists introduce one or two genes offering useful characteristics—such as nutritional supplementation—to a familiar crop variety. Figure 1: Due to various misconceptions in the media, many people do…

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