Climate Change Threatening Koalas in the Bush

Brazil isn’t the only one suffering the effects of forest fires. In Australia, bushfires, which have grown increasingly more severe and have begun much earlier this year than in the past, are threatening Australia’s residents and wildlife. In early September of this year, Australia witnessed its first and most severe series of bushfires on the…

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Gardener’s Guide to Supporting Bees

In the past year, U.S. beekeepers lost 40 percent of their honeybee colonies despite the fact that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a phenomenon in which worker bees abandon the colony,  has declined in the last few years. Research conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership, a nonprofit group led by the University of Maryland, cited climate…

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Clean Meat for a Clean Planet

We’ve all seen it: the ad for the Impossible Burger, which sounds both tempting and downright impossible. But it’s not impossible to cultivate an authentic-tasting burger from plant-based products; and soon, it might be one of the ways in which we can feed the 9 billion people joining our planet by 2050. So what exactly…

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