Minnesota Fertilizer Rule Set for Approval

Minnesota is poised to regulate commercial nitrogen fertilizer for the first time ever next year. After over two years of debate, revisions, and political struggle, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s (MDA) nitrogen fertilizer rule is on track to be approved this May and take effect on January 1, 2020. “Clean, safe, reliable water in our…

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Farm Conservation on the Rise, But Also Threats to Drinking Water and Climate

The latest federal Census of Agriculture shows that more farms are adopting conservation practices that can help keep drinking water clean and slow climate change. But it also shows that much more ambitious action will be needed to actually address those challenges. According to the Department of Agriculture’s census report, which compiles data for 2017, the amount of cropland planted…

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Naples Florida bans lawn fertilizer during rainy season.

When fertilizer carried by rain runoff into canals and streams seems to be feeding red tide and toxic algae, the solution seems simple.   Ban the fertilizers carried by the rain.  In other words, don’t put fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorous on the ground during Florida’s highly predictable rainy season.   But simple doesn’t always equate to correct,…

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Automation of Hydroponics

Hydroponic business costs are mainly related to labor and mechanizing processes is one reduce input costs. Additional benefits of automation include increased productivity, expedition of processes and higher crop turnover/harvest.  See Article Link for additional steps to improving efficiencies. At xVirity, we produce xVital, an innovative and natural nitrate fertilizer that combines nitrogen with ionized water for…

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