Farmers Want Regenerative Agriculture

Often, climate activists are quick to blame farmers for poor environmental conditions, such as soil infertility, rising greenhouse gas emissions, and nutrient pollution. They point fingers and make accusations, but what many don’t realize is that farmers want to reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, many farmers want regenerative agriculture and are pushing to implement…

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Toxic Algae now Shown to Produce Greenhouse Gas

Over the last few years, the public has grown steadily aware of the dangers of toxic algae blooms. In July of 2019, blue-green algae blooms in Mississippi waters caused beach closures, fish kills, and illness. Now, research has illuminated that blue-green algae isn’t only dangerous for fish populations and people; it’s dangerous for our environment….

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Recent Bushfires will Hurt Australian Agriculture

Four months ago, Australians were met with another bushfire season, one they’d expected to see–only not so early. After the blazes began, however, citizens and firefighters quickly realized that this bushfire season would be unlike any they’d seen before. Since the fires began, they have destroyed at least 1,516 homes; killed at least 25 people;…

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