Extreme Algae Bloom in Lake Pontchartrain

The combination of warm temperatures and water saturated with excess nutrients (including those from fertilizer) has resulted in perhaps the most severe algae bloom in Lake Pontchartrain ever witnessed.

Unfortunately, this algae bloom is only expected to get worse over the course of the following weeks. The City of Mandeville has publicly advised residents to not swim or fish in this water, which is marked by a greenish-blue hue due to excess algae.

Blue-green algae is comprised of cyanobacteria, which is a master at producing a plethora of toxins. If exposed to these toxins, one may exhibit such symptoms as rashes, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and even vomiting.

Furthermore, beach closures now include the Mississippi Gulf Coast as algae blooms become increasingly present there. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality advises residents to not eat any fish coming from the contaminated bodies of water, as they may have ill impacts on human health.

xVital, a liquid plant growth supplement, contains nitrate, which stimulates plant growth. This form of nitrate, however, is not in the form of a salt, but rather exists as a free ion in the solution ready to be absorbed by the plant.

Traditional fertilizer, which is prepared in the form of solid granules, is not always uniform and may pose a challenge for users to apply evenly, leading to fertilizer runoff and water pollution.

Because xVital is in a liquid form, “hot spots” of high fertilizer concentration can be avoided, thus limiting over-fertilization and damage to the root system and foliage of plants. Furthermore, because nitrate ions are dissolved into a liquid solution in xVital, they become more mobile and are able to reach plant roots more efficiently!



Severe Algae Bloom in Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi Coast