Naples Florida Bans Lawn Fertilizer During Rainy Season

When fertilizer carried by rain runoff into canals and streams seems to be feeding red tide and toxic algae, the solution seems simple.

Ban the fertilizers carried by the rain.

In other words, don’t put fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorous on the ground during Florida’s highly predictable rainy season.  But simple doesn’t always equate to correct, and there’s serious debate about whether such a ban is effective.

At the very least, a ban would keep the nutrients out of the waterways for part of the year. That must be a good thing, right?  The word counter-intuitive keeps popping up.

Last week, a majority of Naples City Council members agreed to reinstate a rainy season ban on lawn fertilization.  They did so even though their natural resources manager, Stephanie Molloy, told them science doesn’t support it.

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