General Mills Goes Regenerative and Others are Following Suit

If you read the news, you may have heard plenty about regenerative agriculture in the past year. Researchers and climate scientists are pushing for farmers to adopt regenerative agriculture practices. And farmers who have witnessed the miracles of this approach first-hand are encouraging other farmers to make the switch. Maybe you’ve heard that General Mills,…

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Farmers Want Regenerative Agriculture

Often, climate activists are quick to blame farmers for poor environmental conditions, such as soil infertility, rising greenhouse gas emissions, and nutrient pollution. They point fingers and make accusations, but what many don’t realize is that farmers want to reduce their environmental footprint. In fact, many farmers want regenerative agriculture and are pushing to implement…

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Rebuilding our Soil with Regenerative Farming

The Threat of Land Degradation As of now, we have already degraded an entire third of the world’s top soil. Land degradation has become an increasingly large and alarming issue. Now, we must change agricultural methods because reducing fossil fuel use simply isn’t enough to save the environment from global warming. Over-tilled soil has contributed…

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