Gardening on a Budget

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us have turned to gardening as a way to deal with the stress and boredom of quarantine. Yet, because of the quarantine, many of us are also on tight budgets. In order to help you out, we’ll discuss some of our tips for gardening on a budget….

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Gardener’s Guide: Gardening During a Drought

The first ever recorded multidecadal mega-drought in recorded U.S. history has plagued the Southwest for nearly twenty years. And scientists fear it’s going to get worse, especially with anthropogenic climate change fueling the fire. For gardeners in the Southwest, this is more than a nightmare. We gardeners in the East take water for granted; we…

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Harmless Ways to Keep Rabbits out of the Garden

Easter is coming–and so are the rabbits! We’re not talking about the stuffed animals and chocolate-marshmallow bunnies we’ll soon be stuffing into Easter baskets for the kiddos. Rather, we’re talking about the ones with bright eyes and bushy tails–and your lettuce hanging out of their mouths! For gardeners, these cute little gardener guests are more…

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How to Prepare Seedlings for Spring Planting

The weather’s warming up and spring is officially here. That means it’s time to prepare our seedlings for spring planting. But what exactly does this entail? New gardener’s might think that seedlings can be transferred straight to their outdoor gardens, but this isn’t exactly the case. In fact, there are two crucial steps that come…

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Indoor Gardening During Food Shortages

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you may have witnessed the lines of empty produce shelves, save for a few lonely brussel sprouts or bruised apples. Or maybe you’ve stowed away in your home, afraid to venture out during such a panic, and you’re beginning to get low on groceries. Either way, our…

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Gardener’s Guide: March Gardening by Region

If you’ve found yourself suddenly stuck at home with nothing to do during the coronavirus outbreak (oh, darn), you might consider getting in some gardening! With the abundance of abnormally warm weather this year, gardeners are itching to slip into their gloves and boots–and this March is the perfect time to start. If you’re wondering…

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How Gardeners can Adapt to Climate Change

How do erratic weather patterns and atypical seasons affect plants? If you garden, the thought may have crossed your mind. In fact, you may have asked yourself this recently when spring flowers began blooming in mid-February. What happens if the weather gets cold? How do you know when you should begin gardening again? And the…

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