We Know xVital is Great. Here’s what Others Think


Caroline Wilson, Herndon, VA

“Gardening is a hobby of mine, but I never liked using fertilizer or other chemicals on my plants. The thought of contributing to runoff pollution deterred me from using fertilizer for a long time, but then a friend of mine told me about xVital. With xVital, I can feel good about growing gorgeous plants because I’m actually helping the environment.”

Henry Keener, Shepherdstown, WV 

“I’m a big health nut, and I watch what I put into my body. I never really thought about what I fed my plants, though. When you think about it, fertilizer is just plant food. And like us, plants should be fed nutritious food. With xVital, I know I’m giving my garden only essential nutrients, nothing else. Thanks, xVirity.”

Meghan Tanner, Bethlehem, PA

“We have a hydroponics system at our house where we grow tomatoes and some herbs, and it used to get overrun by algae. When I started using xVital, the algae disappeared and my plants actually looked healthier. You are a life-saver, xVirity!”

Kylie and Derek Butler, Springfield, Tennessee 

“We have pretty acidic soil in our yard (we honestly don’t know why) and it was making it really difficult to grow a garden. Our plants just would not grow; they were lifeless and died quickly. Then I read about xVital and how it can be used to balance the pH of your soil. Our plants are finally growing and now I have a garden I can actually be proud of.”


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